Our New Mobile Device App

Slauson is proud to announce the industry's first mobile parts identification and ordering app for Android. We're still in the testing phase, but we're making this beta version available to our members who want to help us shake out the bugs before we release the final versions for Android and iPhone. The app uses the same SmartPart™ system that you know and love, and should be familiar to users of Slauson.com, but we're counting on you to tell us if we got it right. Please call us at 800 421-5580 or e-mail ginobozzi@slauson.com with you suggestions and feedback.

The Slauson App, is currently only available for Android, but we plan to release a version for iPhone shortly. You can download it from Google's Play Store today, just go to the Play Store on your Google device, and type "Slauson" into the search field. When you see our logo, just click on the listing, and follow the directions. We recommend that you allow automatic updates, to insure that you have the latest SmartPart™ functionality. Please enjoy, and we appreciate your feedback!