Industry innovator, Slauson Transmission Parts is at it again with it's Honda case fix that makes wobbly bearings, and shoddy sleeve jobs a thing of the past. Rather than wedging a thin sleeve around the bearing, Slauson employs a CNC machine to cut a much larger hole, and insert a thick sleeve machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, which is stronger than the original metal. Finally these heavy duty sleeves are fastened with screws to insure that they won't move side to side or up and down. The result is a case that won't come back, the SLAUSONATOR!

No need to take the chance on an inferior case creating a noisy come back on your next Honda job, and no need to accept a reman Honda unit that doesn't come with the best case available. The best Honda case on the market is priced to compete with it's flimsier cousins, starting at just $250 with a good core.

The Slausonator, it won't be back.

Currently available for the following makes and models (more on the way, call for availability)
Accord 98-07 V6, 4 and 5 speed
Odyssey 99-08 3.5, 4 and 5 speed (excluding tag code PGRA)
TL 99-08, 4 and 5 speed
CL 3.0 96-98, 4 speed
CL 3.2 00-03, 5 speed
Pilot 03-06, 5 speed