Slauson Transmission Parts

Proudly supplying automatic transmission parts and accessories since 1956. Slauson has been an innovator all along, whether it was producing the first fully photographic print catalog, the first online automatic transmission parts ordering system, SmartPart™, or now the first mobile automatic transmission parts ordering app in the industry. features the SmartPart™ parts identification and ordering system, with the most up to date, and advanced parts identification information available, and it is only availabel to our members. So,to gain access to the cutting edge in automatic transmission parts identification apply for membership today! We are currently working on updates for, we appreciate all the support and business as we go through this great and exciting transition in this current year of 2019. We are currently taking orders by our toll free number (800) 421-5580. Slauson Catalog, online store, new products, and new programs will be available soon. You can of course apply for access now and you will be granted access once all updates are completed. We thank you for all the business over the years and Slauson Transmission Parts will be even better in the coming years with the all new